Upcoming mini tour with 4 Riksspelmän!

Svanskogs fyra riksspelmän inför en mini tour
In the front from the left: Alf Olsson and Maria Andersson. In the back from the left: Therese Olsson Hugosson and Tomas Fredriksson.

Upcoming mini tour with 4 Riksspelmän!

Today all four Rikssspelmän who carry the rich folk tradition from Svanskog meet, play the music and prepare an upcoming mini tour.

About the upcoming mini tour with 4 Riksspelmän

Above all, the artists of the tour are four Riksspelmän who carry the musical tradition of Svanskog. Below there is a presentation of all of them:

Alf Olsson – namely Guldspelmannen himself. He is the only living person from Värmland who has received Zorn’s badge in gold. You do not want to miss hearing him playing the violin!

Maria Andersson – one of only five female Riksspelmän from Värmland in history. Hear her play the violin!

Tomas Fredriksson – the fifth generation of tradition carriers from Svanskog with a musical heritage of music from Svanskog back to the 18th century. Tomas plays the violin, just like is musical ancestors. Additionally, he will also play the viola in the tour.

Therese Olsson Hugosson – the first female clarinetist to become Riksspelman ever. During the tour she will play the clarinets and bass clarinet.

How come a mini tour?

The name of the tour is Guldspelmannen från Svanskog.

The tour will be about the newly released book “Guldspelmannen från Svanskog”, which is written by Therese Olsson Hugosson and Maria Andersson. Read about the release concert here.

Furthermore, you will have the possibility to buy the book after the concerts. However, if you want your copy of the book right now, please visit the online shop to buy it!

Tour plan

See and hear the concert at:
Ransäterstämman 5-9 june
Zornmärkesveckan 29 juni
and somewhere in Dalsland in July

More info is coming soon…

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